Building professional relationships which work amiably when dealing with new clients & commissions are gratifying, stretching my abilities especially when working on evolving criteria & critique to a tight deadline.  Staying open minded to a piece progressing organically rather than holding onto a fixed idea of the end result has been imperative to working on commissions.
Commissions Welcomed Worldwide

 Intertwined Abstract - Private Commission -Malta

 Frozen Lake & Frozen Mountain - London Commission

Higher Apsis & Lower Apsis

Commissioned for this Fabulous £25m
Luxury 107m Exploration Yacht Ulysses by Kleven

Calm Waters, Choppy Waters & Lunar Waters - Large Boat Project

Resplendent Wave - Ballroom Project

Under The Dream

Synchronous Force - Private Commission - UK

Inspirational Pearl 

Hidden Pearl

Golden Pearl

Under The Filao Tree - Private Commission - UK

Verbeias Way - Private Commission - UK


Autumn Layers - Private Commission - UK

Spirit - Restaurant Commission - UK

Crashing Tide

Iridescent Swell  - Private Commission - UK

Reslendent Scales - Private Kitchen Commission - UK

Seagrass 1 & 2

Flow Of Sidi Kauki - Private Commission - UK