In  Aug 2019 I relocated from Gibraltar to Malta, time flies!
I know it has been a strange year but my studio is up and running! Feel free to commission me
How lucky am I to have this view! Simply beautiful!


Soul Collection

Art serving you and your home with healing energies.
Meditate with these pieces. Be still & listen to your higher self.
This art is a remembrance of where we came from and where we are heading in our human evolution.

Rustic Streets Collection
Inspired by hiking solo along part of Via Francigena

Latest Commissions

Higher Apsis & Lower Apsis
Commissioned for this Fabulous £25m
Luxury 107m Exploration Yacht Ulysses by Kleven


@2bright4theshade Embody the music .. music makes the paint move. sometimes painting is difficult. critical thoughts can take over. I try to get in the body by putting on some music that makes me want to move. I try to enjoy the feeling if what I am doing rather than thinking if anyone will like it. #interiorart #interiordesign #surf #waves #blue #sea #spiritualart #spiritual #commissionme #ukartist #maltatravel #maltatiktok #malta #modernart #contemporaryart #abstractart #texturedart #artstudio #artinprogress ♬ Body on Fire (Extended) - SOMMA & Dillistone