I am a Self-taught UK born artist.

Living in Manchester, Mauritius & Gibraltar during my career & more recently relocating to the warm, sunny island of Malta.

Since leaving Mauritius my work has changed & progressed. Being connected to the everyday customer & working with them to create something special; embedding their quintessence whilst staying true to myself is most fulfilling.

I have had many life changing & profound moments; one being a vision quest in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California. Camping alone in the wilderness, no food, only water for four days & four nights.... Another walking solo on the Via Di Francesco from Florence, through Assisi to Roma.

Interested in the intangible, that which we feel but cannot translate. My paintings begin with feelings derived from alternative perspectives bordering on a spiritual level

Working the contrasts of depth, texture & luminosity with a slightly obsessive edge, intricacy & layering. I choose to take you on a journey of the cosmos around me & the discovery of art being a spiritual experience

Inspirations for me are found within the colours of nature; such as the iridescence of a paua shell or reflected light underwater. Meditation & music also help inspire me to create

I have become part of several art consultancies & interior design platforms serving a more commercial & high end luxury customer base

Exhibiting predominantly online has been beneficial for me though occasionally I enjoy supporting a local exhibition

Building professional relationships which work amiably when dealing with new clients & commissions are gratifying, stretching my abilities especially when working on evolving criteria & critique to a tight deadline

Staying open minded to a piece progressing organically rather than holding onto a fixed idea of the end result has been imperative to working on commissions

Being fluid has been essential to my growth & confidence. Working this way has been auspicious, each piece of art feeling like my best work

I spent time in the beautiful Dechen Choling Shambhala Retreat Centre on a Dharma Art Course in the gorgeous surroundings of Limoges, France. 

Of all the work we did there, getting out of my comfort zone, playing with calligraphy & frustrating installations... the main thing I bring back home is being comfortable, happy with myself & accepting being an artist.... 

I met the most wonderful warm & friendly people. I highly recommend anyone wanting to be brave to go for it, try something new!!! 

Meditation can lead to great inspirations for my work. Connecting inwards can be a guide to use colours and brush strokes I would not normally choose.

Hiking also has the same effect as meditation. After researching, I discovered The Way Of St Francis in Italy. Starting in Florence, ending in Rome. I was inspired to go off and do my own solo Camino. Hiking through tiny little hilltop villages gave me much inspiration sparking 'The Rustic Collection'

Hiking through Italy has been my biggest joy of the last 4 years. It has challenged me physically, mentally and has also allowed me to take control of my own mental health when moving countries and covid had me feeling depressed and 'not my usual optimistic self'.

I recently joined Malta Ranger Unit on their fundraising hike on Camino De Santiago hiking 350km in 11days! less than 3months after hiking 350km in Italy! I am almost recovered!

On a sad note, my beautiful furrbaby Pumpkin passed away June 2023. He was my soulmate, but at 20years old his cat suit was tired and he had to go home. He loved to check out each piece of art I was creating, I miss his approval.